Ming’s Mark Folding Director’s Chair Review

Ming's Full Back Folding Director's Chair

Ming’s Mark SL1204-GREEN Green Full Back Folding Director’s Chair

Took this to a car camping trip recently, and my only complaint is that the side table is crazy flimsy.
On a positive note, I thought the cup holder would get in the way, but it turned out to be really useful. Knocking the chair a little or trying to move the chair would have caused most cups on a side table to tip over and spill. The cup holder did an excellent job of making sure cups didn’t get knocked over when placed in it and being jarred in some way.  Awesome.

All in all, I’m happy with this chair. Just wish the side table was both a more rugged surface, and the locking hinge mechanisms were much stronger.

There are quite a few of these types of chairs available on the market.

Advantages are:
– Wide seat
– quick fold/unfold
– side table for plate of food + drink
– fabric edge doesn’t bite into back of knees blocking circulation
– fabric botton doesn’t sit on any stability bars, making it more comfortable
– straight back and bottom mean easy to sit and stand
– Aluminum frame is super light
– side pockets seem useful
– Good height, not so tall that legs dangle, not so short that knees ache
– seat back is neither too high, nor too low. Good from lumbar to mid back
– Easy to sit straight or slouch

Disadvantages/concern are:
– Table is uber cheap and flimsy
– folds, but doesn’t scrunch, so big to lug around
– frame seems solid enough….but barely.

I used to be 210lbs and pretty careless and rough with my things.
Now I’m 140lbs and a still careless and rough with my things, but less so.

The reason I point that out is that this chair, if taken care of, will last a long time and be really useful for years to come. The me today will hopefully have good luck with it. But the me of yesteryear would demolish this chair in one weekend.


– The joints connecting the various bars are perfectly aligned, but a little cheaply. So care must be given when opening and closing the chair.
– fabric seams in a chair should really be triple stitched. worries about seams ripping over time (yes, it’s happened to me before)
– The table is so flimsy….so ridiculously flimsy that it reminds me of cheap Asian plastic furniture from the 70’s. When the manual says it can handle 10 lbs, they’re not kidding. If I accidentally lean my hand on the table for support, the table will fall apart, guaranteed.

So, long story short, this table chair setup is highly useful, especially when car camping where you want a place to set a plate or cup of coffee down, but as useful as this chair is, it must be handles with some minimal level of care (never abuse it) to ensure that it doesn’t break.

In the future, I plan to upgrade to a better table integrated chair with a stronger side table, but until then, this’ll do.

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