Sven Saw 15in Review

Sven Saw 15in

I have a few different portable saws.

This is by far the best one.

I wish there was a lot to say about this to help in making an informed decision, but there’s really not that much to say except that hatchets, other folding saws, and portable chains all tire me out a lot faster. The Sven Saw make pretty quick work of sawing 6″+ branches with minimal effort. And it doesn’t get stuck. Continue reading

Gerber Gator Exchange-a-Blade Saw Review

Gerber 22-41457 Gator Exchange-a-Blade Saw

EDIT: I currently prefer the SVEN saw to this unit. Review coming some time.

This is my first folding saw and as these things go, it’s clearly better than a knife for 4-6″ diameter wood. So for firewood collecting, this is great. Is it better than other folding saws out there? I have no idea. But it’s built fairly well and the sheath is good, designed to hold both the folding saw and extra blade. All in all, a good to have item for hiking.

Gerber 22-41457 Gator Exchange-a-Blade Saw