EtekCity “El Cheapo” backpacking stove

I’ve had this little stove since maybe 2016, tekkster and I planned on going on our first backpacking trip about 3 months ahead of time. The Gear research that happened was so disheartening because all of the “Good Gear” was sooo pricey, so I ended up searching for cheaper gear with “Okay” quality and “Good” price. One of the first pieces of gear that I’d bought was this little Etekcity backpacking stove for $9.99. It was a cheap stove, good reviews and well I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use it again after this trip was done.

5 years later, this stove has been on all of the trips I’ve done and for the most part is working just as good as it was the day it arrived. The mechanism that makes that spark to light the gas doesn’t work anymore but I normally just use a lighter so it’s no big deal. The stove comes with a cheap plastic orange case which, um, you put the stove into when it’s in your bag and not in use…the case will not save the stove if you or your friends step on it.

I’m not easy on my gear, nor do I abuse it. I just use it as intended because things tend to last longer when you do that 🙂 I use this stove with a GSI Pinnacle Dualist pot and a half pot of water will boil in a about 5 minutes. Not the fastest time ever, but I’m on trail not at work so there’s no need to rush. This thing has boiled lots of water for coffee or some kind of freeze dried food, cooked a few meals(plus spam) with it and it has not failed me…yet.

I’ve searched Amazon and am unable to find this particular product but there are several that look similar and around the same price point(AOTU, Extremus and GasOne.) At 3 ounces, $10 to $12 and it using most major cannister threading this thing is pretty reliable at the el cheapo stove price point. I mean yeah, you can make an alcohol stove cheaper but go ahead you can make one and I’ll use this. But if you’re looking for a decent main stove or a solid backup stove you should give this one a try.

*Disclaimer* I’ve read a few reviews that said they received bunk pieces of sh*t and I’m sorry if that happens to you if you go with this, but my stove worked as expected, hence this review 😀

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