Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads Review

Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads

I originally wrote the review and review Edit below on Amazon in 2011/2012. While these knee pads are still great for car camping i have since changed my camp site activities to be much more efficient and no longer bring them on most trips. They do stil come on longer car camping trips as the difference they make for low work is substantial. But for backpacking, it’s pretty clear that while light, they are bulky enough to warrant leaving at home. Continue reading

Gear Aid Seam Sealer Tube, 2oz Review


This seam sealer is highly recommended so I got it to use on my tent. The brush is useful, but take note, the liquid is like elmer’s glue, but more runny so even a few drops will follow gravity quickly. As such, make sure the brush is always facing down, just above part you want to run the sealer over. Trying to do it sideways or upside down is laughably impossible as the liquid just runs down the bottle. Best way is to turn your tent inside out to seal the inside seams.

As for quality, it comes highly recommended, tho I won’t know till I field test it.