Household Essentials Luggage Rack Review

Household Essentials Luggage Rack


Having taken this recently to a car camping trip, I can clearly say this was a huge boon. Placed in a vestibule, this luggage rack allowed me to keep my pack and some other gear off the ground. As it rained the first night, it kept my pack from getting soaked from the ground. Awesome.

I wish there was a shorter version with the same overall “surface” area that could collapse better to take on hiking trips. having a soaked pack from ground puddles is not fun as hiking with the pack the next day means a wet backside.

I had no idea luggage racks could be so expensive.

I had the idea to get this because when car camping in a cheap tent, the tent had gotten soaked before.
So I wanted a solution to keep my gear close, but also keep the gear off the ground and have a place to hang wet clothes.

Price wise, you can’t find a luggage rack cheaper than this on Amazon, and given that these can go up into 3 digit figures, $21 seems like a great deal.

the rounded corners are built very well to add strength, but the connection points were a little shoddy. There were welds on the inside that I had to file down with a metal filer to be able to insert the legs. Once inserted, though, the luggage rack works just fine.

Since we’re talking about car camping, a little rust-o-leum will go a long way to protecting the metal frame from rust damage, but otherwise, this luggage rack is perfect. A tad taller than some others (which is a plus), and very light, this will be my goto device for luxury car camping going forward.

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