Lightweight Folding Stool Review

Black Military Tactical Lightweight Folding Camp Stool

I was expecting this to be smaller than it actually is.

While it’s still small enough to fit in a backpack, I wouldn’t have minded if it was smaller. Still great for a little sit down. No comparison to my camp chairs that allow leaning back and are about the same weight, but still, this fits into flat spaces and I imagine it will come in handy once in a while.

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair Review

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair

I now have three backpacking chairs, they all wei about the same, or, at least, close enough to be negligible for me. I would likely select a different chair for different types of trips.

When hiking alone, I’d probably go with a competitor’s chair that has the same seat height.  When hiking in a small group for extended trips, I’d probably go with a competitor’s chair that sits lower. Continue reading

Ming’s Mark Folding Director’s Chair Review

Ming's Full Back Folding Director's Chair

Ming’s Mark SL1204-GREEN Green Full Back Folding Director’s Chair

Took this to a car camping trip recently, and my only complaint is that the side table is crazy flimsy.
On a positive note, I thought the cup holder would get in the way, but it turned out to be really useful. Knocking the chair a little or trying to move the chair would have caused most cups on a side table to tip over and spill. The cup holder did an excellent job of making sure cups didn’t get knocked over when placed in it and being jarred in some way.  Awesome. Continue reading