Stansport Collapsible Trash Can Review


All in all, pretty good. And a big boon compared to having nothing at all.

Having said that, there are two things that were a tad irritating.
– First, one of the bins stayed vertical, but the other one kept collapsing in on itself partially.
– Second, I wish there was a built-in way to secure trash bags to the upper rim while still being able to zipper the top shut. squirrels were a real problem, so we had to keep the bin zipped, but of course, since there was nothing to attach the bag to on the bin, people would unzip the bin and throw trash on top of the bag, instead of in it. Not fun to clean up.

If there’s a trash bag with a full zip that still allows attaching a trash bag to the rim, that would be awesome. maybe an inner rim or something.

Managing trash bags at a car camping site is always a pain, and duct taping to a table where you prep and eat food also means a lot of bugs and squirrels.

Given that, a trash can to hold the trash bag up where the top zips closed completely is a great luxury item to have with you. It allows you to move trash away from where you eat or prep food, keeps the bag upright so the opening is high off the ground, and zipped tight to prevent easy access for bugs and small scavenging animals.

Is it strictly necessary at a car camping site? No, of course not. But is it a godsend for car camping trips with many people? Absolutely.

If car camping with larger groups is your thing, don’t hesitate, just get it.

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