Primus Eta Pot 3L Review


As heat exchanging high efficiency pots go, the Primus Eta Pot series is hard to beat.

While I can certainly use this on a variety of stoves I have, it’s original purpose was to work with the Primus ETA Power EF I recently purchased.

IMG_0892 IMG_0894

With the wind shield stand bent outwards, the 3.0 Liter pot fits snugly into the wind shield. however, the top of the pot sticks significantly above the rim, so closing the zipper, while possible when the colander/top is upside, it doesn’t close with the it facing the other way. A small annoyance since when the colander/top is upside down, you can’t fit the 1L pot and its colander/top into the unit.

If the 3.0L is the only pot being brought, than this is not a problem, of course.

IMG_0884 copy IMG_0873 copy

Another interesting little quirk: because of the way the pot stand in the Primus ETA Power EF is designed, there are two levels of indents on the pot stand portion. The 1 L pot sits further in the wind shield, which boasts some hard core heat efficiency, but the larger 3.0L pot sits on the higher level. Which is perfectly fine and still provides good wind protection, just not as much.

Either way, this setup is still considerably more heat efficient than many other setups. I haven’t tested this unit with an Omnifuel, and would need to do so to verify that the pot stand of the Omnifuel is wide enough (will try later tomorrow).

This does fit nicely on an Asian gas stove, which is a stove I use often, so may have to use this pot with that setup to improve fuel efficiency there.

The coating, of course, is a concern, but it is more durable seeming than thinner coatings I’ve seen, so as long as heat is carefully managed, and a little care is taken in scratch prevention during cleaning, the coating should last for years and years. Crossing fingers.

All in all, if you need a larger 3L Pot for car camping, this one is hard to beat. But definitely a better fit for car camping than back packing.

2 thoughts on “Primus Eta Pot 3L Review

  1. The 3L is definitely a little large for most of the regular stoves out there. It does fit on some of the LPG stoves. Like the Optimus Vega (if I remember right). Will double


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