GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit Review


It has tongs….nuff said.

Well, okay, maybe a little more.

The shaker is interesting in that a setup about the size of a single unit actually has 4 compartments. But it is rather tight. I’d rather have shakers this size that have only two compartments, but have two of them.

There is also only one bottle. Competitor versions have two bottles.

The spatula is the right length too. Sometimes you have to use a pot (sauce pan) as a fry pan, and in those cases, the depth is such that you want the spatula to be fairly short so you can move in from the edge and still angle it to get underneath the item you’re trying to flip (e.g. pancakes). The shorter spatula (or is it ladel?) is useful in this case.

The cutting board is awfully small, but better than nothing.

The scraper is okay. I prefer the type that has a brush on one side and scraper on the other, but this works too.

One great thing about this is the compactness yet compartmentalization of the crescent shaped bag, which still has room for a few extras. Fitting an spare small shaker in there, a second small bottle, and a pot-gripper works okay.

It will be interesting to see how this holds up long term, but in initial testing, it works just great. Highly recommend it.

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