Bushbox Titanium Outdoor Pocket Stove Review


Base stats
– BTU:  4K-9K (depending on wood)
– Weight:  17 oz including pump (Not including bottle or carry bag)
Stove comparison chart

This little number is not that much lighter than the steel version. I thought it would match the Emberlit mini in weight, but it’s far heavier.

Still, it’s also thicker than the Emberlit, and that gives greater confidence in terms of durability.

As it is ideal for both wood and the Trangia, it will definitely be a permanent part of my kit as a backup stove. In fact, I prefer this as an alcohol stove (paired with a heat reflecting wind screen, far about the many other dedicated alcohol stove stands I own.I believe fuel tablets will also work here.

Surprisingly, in a test (that included the heat reflecting wind shield), this did a great job boiling water for a number of pots:
– Toaks 1600
– Snow Peak 900
– Sow Peak 1400
– Snow Peak Summit Hybrid
– Snow Peak wide titanium 5.5″
– Snow Peak wide titanium 4.7″
– Terra Weekender HE
– GSI Halulite Solo
– 32 oz kettle


Can’t wait to pick up the Bushbox XL. After my experience with this unit, I’m a fan.

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