Trangia X2 Multifuel Burner Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  White Gas:  6,825 (This is intentional and good)
– Weight:  18 oz including bottle and pump.
Stove comparison chart


If you use the Trangia 25 or 27 series, or other storm cook sets, and want the additional option of using liquid fuels or a gas canister, this is the way to go.

Trangia changed their OEM at some point in the past from Optimus to Primus.

This is an important change for two reasons.

– First: The previous generation Optimus OEM’d multi-fuel stove had two throttles for fuel, one on the stove side and one on the bottle side. For fine tuning fuel, having two throttles is a little better, but this is not a huge deal.

– Second: The previous generation Optimus only worked with liquid fuels, but the newer Primus works with both liquid fuel and gas canisters

– Sidenote: the Primus version is louder than the older version. They are both roarers, but Primus is notoriously loud, when compared to other roarers. The Quietstove designed for the Omnifuel (Model 207), works.


The pump is the standard one that comes with the OmniFuel, OmniLite, and the multi-fuel setup for ETA stoves, and that’s a good thing.

IMG_1034 copy

Unlike pumps from MSR or Optimus, the Primus pump does not have an “L” shaped pump at the end, nor does it us a plastic fuel line (which tends to reduce the effectiveness of the pressure release valve). Instead, the Primus pump is metal, and a straight rod, and the thread portion of the pump to screw into the fuel bottle is angled. This allows for a more reliable setup when releasing air pressure through the fuel line by flipping the bottle. I also have another pump with a similar pressure release and fuel line clearing mechanism which is plastic, but it is not as reliable mostly because the plastic fuel line isn’t always curved to the edge of the bottle.

In addition, the fuel pump connection is a lindal valve, similar to gas canisters, which allows the fuel line to connect to gas canisters without changing adaptors. Really love the Primus Ergopump.

The burner at the stove has been throttled back from about 10,500 BTU max output to 6,825 BTU max output.

This is a good thing.

The Trangia 25 series and 27 series and most storm cooksets, are designed to maximize heat efficiency of an un-pressurized, open alcohol burner, a traditionally low heat output stove. Because these cook sets are designed for such high heat efficiency, it also means they aren’t designed for stoves with high heat output. As such, the X2 burner, without the throttle adjustment, could wreck havoc with a Trangia 25/27 at full power.

Even with the maximum output throttled back, I would take care when using the X2.

The greatest advantage which is also a small area of concern for the X2 heat output is when melting snow. Without adding a little water to prime the snow for melting, there is risk here of damaging the pot because there would be air between the bottom of the pot and snow at the bottom without some water in it. A little water will remove the risk (at least dramatically mitigate the risk) of warping or cracking the pot.

IMG_0953 IMG_0924

The X2 comes with two bolt jets, one for white gas and one for kerosene. Surprisingly, there isn’t one for gas canisters. So if you’re going to use a gas canister, be especially careful to throttle down the stove to avoid damaging the pots or windscreen. And use the larger of the two bolts. The rule of thumb is: the cleaner the fuel, the larger the jet gauge.

IMG_0938 IMG_0937

The stove heat shield is uniquely designed for a “perfect fit” holder for Trangia alcohol stoves. Basically any round hole that allows the Trangia alcohol stove to fit without any gaps. This is why this version of the heat shield is wider than the Primus Omnifuel’s heat shield.

It also has two bumps to help secure it to the rim. A great little design innovation to prevent the stove from bad angles.

NOTE:  I have recently purchased the FireBox 5″ G2.  It’s worth noting that the X2 does not fit well in that stove.

Though I have several gas canister, liquid fuel, wood, and alcohol stoves, it’s become pretty clear that using LPG canister stoves, if you go camping a lot, creates a lot of trash, and it’s starting to be rather irksome to produce this trash when trying to be more green.

For this reason, the Trangia 27 set, along with an alcohol stove is ideal in ensuring a reduction in trash. Now, with the X2, it’s possible to have much greater fuel flexibility for a variety of situations without resorting the gas canister fuels.

IMG_0951 IMG_0952

The bag is very simple, but has an inner pocket to hold the tool, spare silicone gel, and the jet bolt.

The biggest drawback to this unit is price. And it’s so expensive, it’s worth docking a star.

As Trangia OEM’s this, it’s clear that Primus doesn’t give much of a reseller discount to Trangia, so Trangia must add its margin to this unit to sell it. This increases the price of the unit and for many, it is cost prohibitive.

Something really needs to be done here as a unit this versatile should be in the hands of every Trangia 25/27 or storm cook set owner.



For more info on the Trangia 25-2/27-2:

4 thoughts on “Trangia X2 Multifuel Burner Review

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  2. “Very disappointing piece of kit – AVOID” I bought my 25-2HA and this Multifuel burner to use over the summer. It works well with gas, but that’s not the point (if I wanted to use just gas canisters I could have bought the gas burner at 1/3rd of the price). Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts, help and advice from experienced petrol stove users, and extensive research on the web, I can’t get it to burn cleanly – I just get a nasty yellow flame. I’m using coleman flue (not cheap petrol meant for cars), and have emailed Trangia to ask for help but they’re “away on holiday”.


    • Oh wow, what a terrible experience.

      I use the X2 quite a bit and have never had that issue.

      Of course, i’m sure you’ve tried everything so i won’t make any suggestions. I certainly hope Trangia makes things right.


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