Sven Saw 15in Review

Sven Saw 15in

I have a few different portable saws.

This is by far the best one.

I wish there was a lot to say about this to help in making an informed decision, but there’s really not that much to say except that hatchets, other folding saws, and portable chains all tire me out a lot faster. The Sven Saw make pretty quick work of sawing 6″+ branches with minimal effort. And it doesn’t get stuck.

Action is smooth, simple, and effortless. It’s easier than my home saw, which also gets stuck once in a while.

One small annoyance is that even though everything folds up to become very compact, it’s not really setup up to lock down, so everything moves about.  A couple of rubber bands fixes this issue.

Not much more to say than, uhhh…get this.

One thought on “Sven Saw 15in Review

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