Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  12K at the source (Note:  lower depending on the stove)
Stove comparison chart

Esbit 1300 Degree Smokeless Solid Fuel Cubes for Backpacking, Camping and Hobby – 12 Pieces Each 14g

Because this tablets smell, it’s great that they come individually wrapped.

As a general rule, when backpacking, I don’t like to produce trash, so these are not for backpacking. But the sheer simplicity and safety (because there’s nothing to spill) of these tablets makes them ideal in an emergency kit that might get used by the novice or child. Anytime you use fire, there is always a risk, but risk is dramatically mitigated here. I highly recommend these tablets.

2 thoughts on “Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes Review

  1. This cubes smell terrible and they hardly produce heat at all. Fine for starting a fire, but they won’t boil water even while burning for an hour with a wind shield.


    • I would agree with you with regards to anything more than two cups, but the few times I used them, I only boiled a cup for tea. You still need, as you noted, a wind shield wrapped pretty tightly around.

      I’m not a real big fan of these, but for a cup of tea on a cold hike, it is easier than starting a fire from scratch.


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