Mountain Hardwear Epic Glove Review

Mountain Hardwear Men's Epic Glove

Since the original review, I’ve gone to New York for a winter holiday and spent 3 days in the Sierra Nevadas in below freezing weather.

Final verdict? pretty darn impressive.

These gloves are thin enough that it’s almost instinctive to question their effectiveness.

In actual use, I was able to get a pair of running gloves (basically liners) underneath, and the result was warn hands in temperatures around 20 degrees F.

These gloves may not be designed for arctic weather, but they’re fine for skiing, and the thinner glove also means increased maneuverability. Without question, these gloves are designed for active winter activity, and when you’re idle, stick your gloved hands in jacket pockets and it’s plenty warm.

So if you plan on spending hours outdoors in very cold weather, and are generally active with your hands during that time, you won’t find a more flexible pair of gloves that are this warm, while durability enough to handle most typical activities (e.g. chores around a campsite, skiing, etc.).


These gloves are a tight fit.

I usually buy size small for everything, but for these, I bought size medium after reading reviews about a tight fit, and even the medium is a bit snug. I think I could get a pair of liner gloves under these, but haven’t tried.

Either way, buy one size larger than what is typical.

As for waterproofing, other reviewers have talked about that already, and they are waterproof to a point. That’s good enough for me.

However, they are much thinner than expected, and I’m not really sure how well they’re hold up to a New York winter or Winter camping in the Sierra Nevadas, both of which are trips I am planning in the near future.

They hold up well in 40 degree and windy weather where I live. And they even performed as hoped when the weather dropped to just below freezing and I was out and about for about an hour, so if you’re planning on this kind of weather, these will do great and are thin enough to do more nimble activities. They’ll probably do well if it’s colder but you’re active (e.g. snowboarding, skiing, etc.). For idle time outdoors in colder weather, I’m not really sure how well they’ll do.

Time will tell.

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