Okeba Foldable adapter for Asian Gas Can Review


Stove comparison chart

This is a great device.

If you have a lot of the asian style gas canisters, but have a US style gas canister stove with a lindal valve, this device would allow you to use them together, dramatically expanding the flexibility of lindal style stoves overseas in japa, korea, taiwan, and othe places where this style of gas canister is ubiquitous.

It has the added advantage of making compact vertical locking gas canister stoves like the msr rocket, snow peak gigapower, and even integrated systems like a jetboil or reactor, have a lower center of gravity, increasing stability.

NOTE: You can order this same unit, but with a Lindal extension from eBay. The model is called: BRS 1 SET MULTI-USE GAS ADAPTOR FOR LANG CAN AND FLAT CAN

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