Voodoo Tactical Drop Leg Pouch Review

Voodoo Tactical Drop Leg First Aid Pouch

I was on the hunt for a drop leg pouch, and I chose this one because of the color.

Because I use an external frame backpack while hiking, it’s hard for me to get to loose items while on the trail. So a drop leg pouch is ideal as it gets out of the way of the backpack’s waist belt.

At the same time, I’m not a huge fan of using military gear on a weekend hike, so in my search for a drop leg pouch, non-military color was a key search criteria.

Frankly, there are other drop leg pouches I think would have been a much better fit for me. There was one I found that had one large pouch and two smaller ones. compartmentalization would have been great. But since it was only offered in military colors, I just couldn’t go for it. Don’t get me wrong, if I’d served, that would have been different, but since I haven’t, I’d consider it an insult to those who have served if I bought one and did the whole poser thing.

So, since this was the only one I found that had a distinctly non-military coloring, look, and feel, I went for it.

On the positive, it holds a tiny first aid kit, Letherman Wave, work gloves, snacks, and my cell phone. That keeps all these items easily accessible while hiking with my backpack.

Now to figure out how to carry a water bottle that is easily accessible.

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