Soto Pocket Torch Review


The fact that this only works with the transparent disposable lighters doesn’t bother me much since they’re readily available all over the place.

The jet works really well when the disposable is brand new, but even before the halfway point the jet starts to reduce strength significantly, and by the halfway point, it barely works. Tried a few lighters and its been consistently weakened at the same point, so i now have less confidence than before

You can buy the transparent lighters at just about any smoke store or gas station in the States, so just make sure to buy those. And if there’s a child protector piece on the disposable lighter, remove that first.

Interestingly, the oval cylindrical shape of the solid color disposable lighters aren’t easily found in Asia. Most are the transparent type. This company is Japanese, so their jet adaptor is understandably designed for the most common disposable lighter found in Asia.

As long as you use those types, this jet adaptor will work very well. A little shy on power compared to, say, a kitchen torch for creme brûlée, but a decent torch nevertheless that works well in heating up an alcohol stove, or lighting tinder more effectively.

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