Kovea LPG Adaptor, Small, Silver Review

Kovea LPG AdaptorIMG_2217

Stove comparison chart

This is a pretty amazing piece of gear. It allows you to use coleman propane stoves on lindal connector stoves like a gas canister only stove or a multifuel stove.

There is a regulator on the adaptor. It is a very tiny screw, and i would recommend twisting it all the way closed. Even at the closed setting the jet is stronger than it should be so your stove will emit more fuel at an unusually high rate. Not sure if this is good for the gas canister stove you own, but many more stores have coleman propane than they do gas canisters so it’s a great backup unit.

It is, however, very heavy for its size, so it might make sense to leave it behind for very short weekend trips if ultralight backpacking is your goal.

Either way, you will definitely enjoy having the option to use coleman propane in a pinch. I haven’t tested it but i imagine you get quite a bit of burn time with this fuel. A typical 100 gram gas canister nets you roughly 1 hour of bur time so a coleman would probably net you significantly more than that.

If you own a jetboil or msr reactor or similar or if you own an msr or optimus or primus multifuel stove, don’t think, just get it. It may save you from a no-fuel situation one day, and that’s priceless.

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