Big Bear Military Frame Cot Review

Big Bear Military %22AIRCRAFT GRADE%22 Aluminum Frame Cot


Just got back from a car camping trip this week and wow, what a luxury item to have with you.

With this cot packed in the car, I met with several friends at a nearby AnyMountain to caravan out to Yosemite. Walking in the store, I found another cot that was a lot more stable than this one. This cot, the one I have, is stable in one direction but because the x-legs are all parallel to each other, they have just a little give going perpendicular to the x-legs, which is ever so slightly annoying. At first I was thinking that I got the wrong item and should go for the one I happen to see at AnyMountain which has x-pattern legs all around the cot and is therefore much more stable, but the AnyMountain one, while having the same height as this one, had one issue. Because it had support and stabilizer bars on all sides, you couldn’t get anything in and out of the underside of the AnyMountain cot.

With this cot, I’m able to store gear under the cot, giving me the illusion of a lot more floor space as I was essentially stacking. Also because of the storage capabilities under this cot, it means I can get two cots into my small tent, still have a walkway between them, and gear doesn’t get in the way.

So glad I got this cot for car camping. Won’t go car camping without it.

Some other reviewers noted that this cot was difficult to setup because, after inserting the first end bar and locking into place, the other end bar was difficult because the textile was set so taut.

This is not the case. the loop on one end is sewn closed so you have to insert the end bar, but the other end closes through 4 inch thick straps. So, take off the straps, put the end bar in place, and wrap the fabric around the end bar and align the velcro.

With the strong frame, reasonably strong fabric, incredible lightness, good height, and the leg setup to make the area underneath usable for storage, this is a rock solid luxury cot.

When folded up, the only loose pieces are the two end bars, so there’s really few things to need to keep track of.

The negative for this cot is that even when folded up, it’s still rather large, because the longer bar only folds in half. I have lower cots that break apart much much smaller than this one, but have the disadvantage of having too many loose pieces, so in most cases, I’d prefer this cot over those. And frankly, the difference in packed away size doesn’t make a huge difference when car camping. No matter how small, neither is small enough to really take on backpacking trips.

As a car camping cot, or emergency bed for guests at home, this cot will do just fine.

I will note one small noticeable thing: Because of the x-pattern to the legs, the cot does not move from side to side while lying down on it, but it does move up and down (head to toe). Just a little bit, but the thick metal plates connecting the legs to the frame mitigates this motion considerably.

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