Coleman Egg Container (12 Count) Review

Coleman Egg Container (12 Count)

Car camping trip day 2: eggs in cooler, moved around in bear locker, taken out for a bit….dropped and shattered.

Egg spills are a major hassle.
a light drop and they shatter.
instantaneously lose precious food resources….
big sticky mess.

NOTE: a dozen egg egg holder turns to mush and loses all ability to protect precious contents when wet….

Conclusion: You have to have something to protect eggs when car camping. This isn’t a maybe, or luxury, this is a real must have.

Luckily, on our trip, there was a store nearby, so losing a half dozen eggs wasn’t a huge deal, but storing in these would have been a huge boon.
Another friend happened to have one of these and we put the next dozen purchased eggs in here for safe keeping.

You will not regret this purchase.

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