StrongVolt Solar:6 Review

StrongVolt Solar-6 6Watt Folding Solar Kit

I bought this because the price for it was so good it was impossible to pass up, and I wanted something to augment my Solar Joos.

My big issue with this dual panel setup is that it really needs direct sunlight. With low-light, it still draws power, but some of the smart devices on the market today don’t do trickle charges below a certain level. one great thing about solar panels with integrated batteries is that even at 1watt/hour sunlight, it takes the charge. But at that rate, a smart phone will just show the power source as “unsupported” and won’t even trickle charge.

Having said that, in good light conditions, this will charge a 1amp smart phone without a problem, and even better, in good lighting conditions, because of the USB port, it can augment the charge to a solar battery.

For its light weight, slim cut and durability, this device gets a thumbs up, and in good sunlight, it will charge most devices and batteries where smaller ruggedized solar batteries won’t even charge.

For $29, I’d say that’s a worthy buy.

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