I just got this and already had occasion to use this when my wife burnt her hand getting food out of the oven.

It’s better than I expected. She is accident prone and her blisters are usually pretty big when she burns herself, but this time, instead of just cold water and an ice pack, we used the gel, and it made a world of difference.

Given that backpacking = campfire/portable stove fire and limited tools, I imagine burning myself when camping and out there, running cold water may not be an option, ice certainly wouldn’t be. You might think that if you have a couple of cold compresses that would do, but a cold compress isn’t nearly cold enough to compete with ice. This water Jel, tho, would definitely be a life saver in preventing blisters and keeping the burn damage as minimal as possible in these less than ideal conditions.

One thought on “WATER JEL Cool Jel LIQUID Review

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