Grabber Outdoors All Weather Blanket Review


Grabber Outdoors Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket

Edit:  Feb. 2013

I’ve discovered a better way to use this in a tent. In a small two person tent, put this up against one wall of the tent and it ups the ambient temp of the tent really well. In a small tent, i tie two corners along the angular top edge, and two corners along one edge of the base heat reflector facing inwards, of course. Takes a little while but it works better than laying it underneath your sleeping bag. For the floor, a sleeping pad works better to deal with the cold.

Those tiny mylar blankets are incredible examples of super efficiency in a tiny package. But for repeated use, they just aren’t durable enough.

That’s what makes this blanket so amazing. it’s plenty durable to last for several uses. As a heat reflector, there are tons of uses for it. If you’re tent camping, you lay this on the tent floor with the reflector side up and you will be much warmer in your sleeping bag since ground temperatures are often colder than other areas when you’re in the sleeping bag. For additional warmth, you can fold it over your sleeping bag. It also adds an albeit small additional layer of cushion. If you want to make it more secure, you can tie the grommets together at the foot end and you won’t have to worry as much about the folded flap falling back. It’s completely waterproof which protects you from the tent walls which often collect condensation. I’ve only tested this in my backyard in preparation for an upcoming hiking trip, but it works well.

They are also great to sit on. Fold it a few times to make it a little more cushiony and sit on it….(^-^) Keeps your butt warm. If you sleep on a cot, the airflow underneath can be really cold. Here again, put it under the sleeping bag. If you have a big ambient temperature problem, it makes a great blanket.

Though small for a shelter, this could, in theory, be used as a tarp as well. The grommets at the corners and complete waterproofness and durability make this a much better shelter in a pinch in some ways than a single layer tarp might.

It should be in every hiking pack, in every bug-out bag, in your car, and in your home. Save the mylar blankets for smaller hip-carry go bags. Use this for everything else.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and will get several more.

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