Stuff I want

– Biolite Kettle Charger
A lot of folks I know own the Biolite stove. When my friend was using it at a campsite, I thought, cool….but didn’t quite meet my own admittedly convoluted and sometimes illogical set of criteria. Mostly my biggest issue was that the Biolite burned through fuel so fast, and really needed a long time to properly charge anything. Many of the other features were very cool, and I still might get one one day (but mostly for the rocket stove and self sustaining fan power aspect, and not for the USB power).
The Kettle Charger, on the other hand, uses almost any heat source and the example shows use over a liquid fuel stove. I could picture using this much more often. First, because I use a variety of liquid fuels, and second because I could easily picture boiling water in this unit and then pouring it out into a thermos and boiling more water. Which makes sense to me at a camp site.
Yeah…I want one.

– Wood Burning Stove
If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a fan of all kinds of gear, and it’s not always about being ultralight. There are several criteria I look at when thinking of new equipment and it really depends on the scenario envisioned.
This would be a particular good stove for longer term camping setups, and would be better at dealing with damp wood. Not bad for car camping, but really best for longer term remote setups

– British Army Cooker No. 12

This is a much larger and heavier, but conceptually similar liquid fuel stove compared to the Optimus Hiker+ built for vehicular storage (I think I read it’s for soldiers driving military tanks).
The larger built in wind-screen and sheer ruggedness makes this particularly attractive. Not for use in backpacking, but an excellent car camping companion for a rugged and reliable stove.

– Mountain Laurel Designs SuperMid
MLDSuperMidPhoto from MLD website, that isn’t me (^-^)
This has been on my want list for a long time. It’s an ingenious design and the cuben fiber version would be very light considering the amount of fabric (and overall floor space we’re talking about). What is holding me back is the solo innernet. The innernet is not quite what I want, mostly because the bathtub floor doesn’t really go very high. But purchasing an Ookworks innernet would fix this ( Also, a single tarp pole would replace hiking poles (mostly because I don’t really like using hiking poles). Also, this requires all the corners to be guy’d out. That’s a bit of a bummer since I often camp on rocky terrain, where guying out is a bit more challenging. Not impossible, but free-standing would make my life a tad easier. While the tarp pole (which wouldn’t have the primary purpose of use as hiking poles) would prevent this from being an ultralight, It’s a pretty amazing setup.

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