Clikstand Appalachian Ti Gas Combo Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  7K (Really the BTU of the Trangia burner)
– Weight:  2.7 oz
Stove comparison chart

If you’re looking for a light Trangia stand that has a good windscreen and fits in a 1L titanium pot, this is a solid buy.

However, if you’re looking to also add the option of a gas stove, take note. There are slits in the triangular wall for the holder “plate” to go into.

There are two levels of these slits. One level for the Trangia stove, and one level for a gas burner.

I’m guessing when the slits for the gas burner level were added, they were designed around the older Trangia gas stove (OEM’d from Optimus).

Because the new Trangia gas stove, the X2 (OEM’d from Primus), is too low, the bottom of the Trangia X2 is BELOW the bottom of the walls, making it unstable.

But you can’t move the holder shelf to the higher slits (or rungs, if you will), because than the additional slit added for fuel line doesn’t go high enough, and besides which, even if the fuel line slit was high enough so that you could place the gas burner to the higher rung, the next problem would be the flame emitting form the gas stove would be too high, not to mention the fact that adding a QuietStove would make pots wobble.

The gas burner slit (or rung) is simply set at the wrong height.

For $90, for a shelving system that doesn’t actually include the gas burner, that is a ridiculous oversight. It doesn’t say anywhere on the Amazon page that this setup doesn’t fit the Trangia X2.

Truly disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Clikstand Appalachian Ti Gas Combo Review

  1. I think the Clikstands are aimed at users of the trusty Trangia alcohol burner or the gas burner. They perform excellent with both, providing a very stable pot stand and excellent wind protection. Sort of an intermediate solution between a full on Trangia 25 or 27 and other systems. Bummer to hear that there are issues using it with the X2 multifuel burner. I’ve adapted a Primus Omnifuel II to use in a Trangia and hope it works in the Clikstand as well.

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    • That’s pretty brilliant. Thanks for that.

      The Clickstand is good for the ubiquitous Trangia alcohol stove, I agree there. I’ve had enough problems trying to get the X2 to fit in anything other the Trangia 25- or 27-, so at this point, I’m almost thinking of just getting the standard Trangia gas burner, and using a primus or kovea pump bottle for liquid fuel. Though I’m not sure the fuel would be clean enough to work consistently without a lot of maintenance on the stove, since the Trangia gas burner is designed for LPG fuel, the cleanest fuel around.

      Thanks for the Omnifuel II idea. I may have to try it.


  2. I just came across this review and wanted to let you know that the Clikstand design was changed to accommodate the Trangia X2 Burner shortly after the X2 came out. Your Clikstand is most likely an older version made before this change (gas line slot height increased by ~1/8″).


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