Primus Service/Maintenance Kit for OmniFuel Review


Stove comparison chart

This is a must have and a good service kit.

However, it should include the multi-tool. spares are pretty useless if the multi-tool breaks. Okay, that’s an exaggeration as you can take apart an Omnifuel using a leatherman, but brass damages easily, the the perfect fit of the multi-tool to the key components of the Omnifuel allows for less damage. And the leatherman doesn’t have the clearing thread used to clear the jets.

Also, I’m a huge fan of the Omnilite and Omnifuel, and have used each one over 20 times, maybe a combined total of 50 altogether. Neither one shows any sign of damage to the splash guard. given a choice, I’d prefer a spare multi-tool in this kit over a spare splash guard. The leather pump seal is awesome though, and would really have preferred two of those in this kit instead of just one.

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