Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cookset Review


What a great two person cookset for the backpacker who likes to spend a little extra time to cook up better food than your basic rehydration.

Apart from these, I also own the trek combo pot set (basically the trek 900 nested in the trek 1400), and while that set is nice because the hybrid summit also nests inside, the trek combo lacks a little in diameter. This isn’t a problem for stews, but it’s a bit of a problem for breakfast since the larger pan is still too small to place whole slices of spam in it.

IMG_1239 IMG_1240IMG_1241 IMG_1242

The larger pan of this Multi Compact 4 piece Ti Cook Set can fit whole slices of spam, or bacon cut to half length, along with two whole eggs, pretty easily. That alone makes this set a better two person set than the trek combo. however, like with all things, any path chosen has advantages and compromises and the compromise of this set is that you can’t nest a mug, like the hybrid summit, inside, so the space savings take a but of a hit, unless you went with a collapsible mug. This isn’t a huge problem for me as I have a mug/cap on a Stanley thermos that is a tad small, but serviceable.

Where there is a cloud, there is a silver lining: Though the Snow Peak Summit Hybrid doesn’t fit inside, the inner wall width of the smaller pot is just a hair or two shy of 4 3/4″, so, if you place the Primus Omnilite just so, it will just barely fit, with just a little bit of the pot stand portion sticking out. So little that you can mostly fit the smaller pan/cover on top, and everything fits cleanly into the larger pot.

The larger pot and pan set is about equivalent in diameter to the Toaks 1600ml pot and pan set but shorter in height, and the curved base makes it a little more compact and easier to fit into a pack. For lighter eaters who want variety, this would be the better choice. For folks who do simple stews and pan fry, but want a little more volume (same width pot, but want taller), the Toaks might be the better bet.


IMG_1405 copy IMG_1406 copy IMG_1408 copy IMG_1409 copy
 Note: Example above is from Snow Peak Trek set, but same priniciple

For all Snow Peak pans, how you grab the handle matters.  The natural, instinctive way to grab a pan handle is for vertical leverage, because you’re expecting the other end of the handle to be heavier, right?  Right.  That’s how you grab any pan.

Don’t do it!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped food because of this.  The problem is how the handles lock the pan.  When you grab the handle the normal way, the locking tines sometimes come apart just enough for the locking mechanism to come undone.

So….as counter-intuitive as it is, always….always…grab the handle by squeezing the two tines together.  If the handle might be too hot, use gloves, or better yet, use one of these:



Having both, I’d definitely take this set with me for 2 light to medium eaters, or 3 very light eaters, and the Toaks for 2 medium to heavy eaters, or 3 light to medium eaters.

The smaller pot is rather diminutive for holding stoves.
– If using LPG stoves, I’d recommend the Soto Compact, Snow Peak GigaPower or LiteMax, or the MSR Pocket Rocket.
– If liquid fuel stoves are your thing, and you really want to fit the stove in the cook set, you really only have two choices:  The Soto Muka or the Edelrid Hexon.   The Primus Omnilite won’t fit well, and no other liquid fuel stove will fit at all.  In comparing the Soto Muka and the Edelrid Hexon, in this case, the Edelrid Hexon is the better fit.  The Soto Muka puts out way too much heat for this set as it’s really most suited to winter backpacking where snow melting is a critical function.  The Edelrid has somewhat better simmer control.


Soto Muka and Primus Omnilite above


Edelrid Hexon above, with extra space for maintenance kit.

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