Jetboil PCS Hanging Kit Review


Stove comparison chart

Woah, didn’t realize how well this thing worked.

Light, incredibly compact, but highly useful on uneven ground.

The Jetboil Sol is such an efficient system that a simple (ingeniously simple), triangular rod and steel wire setup like this works very well.

The large key ring allows this to hang almost anywhere and while you’d expect it to be unbalanced, it actually holds well with liquids up to 3/4 or a little more to the rim. So for morning coffee or to make some soup or noodles, or just to boil water to drink or pour in a freeze dried meal, this just might prove to be a godsend.

This would also be useful on a boat or raft, and also useful in areas of uneven ground.

Of course, it’s ideal for mountain climbers who take a few days to climb and sleep on the sides of cliffs. That’s not really my thing, but I imagine this was designed for them, so thank you to all the climbers who are Jetboil fans for pushing this great peripheral add-on!

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