Primus Multi-fuel kit for ETA Power EF Review

Primus Multi-fuel kit

Stove comparison chart

This is a great addition to the ETA Power EF.

I’ve been a huge fan of the ETA Power EF, because of it’s over-engineered fuel efficiency design, but it has one issue for me: the requirement to use gas canisters. While i confess to loving the simplicity and efficiency of gas canisters, a part of me thinks that it’s a good idea to use those less because recycling gas canisters is a pain and results in more trash. I’m not a tree hugger, and don’t want to be too drop-wise-and-bucket-foolish, but am happy to make simple changes that decrease my “trash footprint” a little.

This product allows me to us the ETA Power EF with liquid fuels, and that alone is a huge deal for me.

Liquid fuels are a bit of a pain compared to gas canisters, but that’s okay. Once you get used to the process, it becomes second nature. You’ll always be slower in setup and packaway than everyone else with their jetboils and msr reactors, but you’ll also have a good group cooking setup and fuel that can function along a broader temperature scale than most gas canisters (some gas canisters have mixtures better suited to cold, but most have a fairly narrow temperature range)

7 thoughts on “Primus Multi-fuel kit for ETA Power EF Review

  1. Dear Mr. Tekkster,
    Hello again, hope all is well is well you! You might remember that I was a guy who asked about the Hybrid shaker jet for Primus Omni series.
    I have another question that If you have the new model, Primetech stove set, I would like to hear from you about it.
    In fact in the web, there are not many reviews about it and Your review is the best for me so if you have it, kindly consider to post about it. Especially I’d like to know that stove burner is originally designed as also for the inverted canister liquid feeding or not, I think it could be, but not sure.
    The advertisement doesn’t have about this matter but it is important of course because my town has a way colder weather during winter season.
    Thank and all the best for you,


    • Hi Gab,

      I don’t have the primetech stove set.

      But i have been eyeing it for some time and have long considered ordering it.
      You’re talking about this one, right?

      I might get it and try some cooking and post my thoughts about it.
      Recently, i’ve been experimenting more with hybridizong various cooksets, but have been wanting to try something new.

      If the above set is the one you mean, i can pick it up.


      • Hello! thanks for your prompt reply.
        Yes meant it, 2.3L.
        I’ve heard that both versions have different stove windshield sizes, even it’s not the big matter anyway.
        Primus Distributor in my country she doesn’t deal with this stove set so I must import by myself.
        so of course I’d like to have your comments only if you have this stove, or a plan to have it near future.
        I think it’s well made stove set but the pity thing is that No MF burner it has, only Gas Canister can be linked… Yes… I think there are very Low demands from the market about the Multifuel feature for this stove.
        The only thing I don’t sure – the Liquid feeding. I saw from some photos from the web, the burner has a Brass Pile which may be a part of Fuel pipe, so it means the burner can be worked under the inverted/liquid feed, but I don’t sure 100% because almost nobody talks about it so I don’t know really.
        I thank you for your kind reply, great days!


    • I just realized why i hesitated in getting this set, and there are two reasons. First, there is no plastic bowl to use as prep, and second the non-coated bowl sits inside the non-stick bowl, which i fear will out wear and tear on the non stick bowl’s coating over time much more quickly, shortening the life span of the non-stick coating.

      Though, having two bowls that you can cook with is an advantage when comparing to the smaller eta spider. The larger eta power is a bigger advantage because the larger one can hold two cooking bowls and two plastic bowl and the plastic goes inside the non stick, which mitigates wear and tear on the non-stick coating.


      • Hello, unfortunately we can’t find anymore you mentioned one, that is discontinued.
        now only Primtech stove set is existed in the market and primus XL something like Jetboil style which I don’t need.
        I don’t know yet but as the photos in the web, Primetech stove itself (means burner & its rack-windshield) would be well designed for universal uses.
        Thanks and let us know your review if you have this stove in further.


      • I will. My gut tells me that since the stovehead does not have a generator coil, it is likely that this stove is not designed to be used with an inverted lpg can in liquid mode.


      • I was thinking as same. But I found a brass point part just on the burnerside, and thought it might be linked (or itself) to the fuel pipe.
        If yes, it will take heat during burner is fired then should work for better vaporize…
        So googled and found this article
        Some of replies tell Yes it works as inverted position, but I don’t sure it is really Yes. So I thought this Blog that i really think all the contents are so reliable.
        Anyway I also would purchase this stove and let you know about it upon I have got it.
        The only matters – I should import it from abroad… 😆 heavier cost every time.
        Thank you!


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