Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer Review

Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer Fahrenheit:Celsius

This Fahrenheit/Celsius thermometer is meant for river currents, hence including the ruggedized casing around it.

But that ruggedness is really great for backpacking too.

There are a lot of tiny thermometers for clipping onto backpacks or keychains, but I find them too small, too short, to be able to easily tell the temperature, and wanted a much longer thermometer instead which is much easier to read. But still didn’t want to give up ruggedness since I’m pretty rough with gear.

This fits the bill perfectly, and adds real value. Sometimes the temperature drops and I don’t really feel it at first, maybe because I’m hiking, or maybe my mind is elsewhere, or maybe sitting by the campfire. Either way, my body temp starts to drop and I don’t notice at first. Just having this unit hanging from the shoulder straps on my backpack reminds me to check the temp once in a while and make sure the weather is right for my rough calorie burn at the time.

Rugged, larger for easier read than mini keychain thermometer. Great buy.

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