Optimus Heat Insulation Pouch Review


This heat pouch isn’t bad. It does what it was meant to do, and it has the advantage of looking tough enough to last quite a while, but I didn’t find it particularly convenient.

Getting the Terra HE Weekend pot into this unit is, while easy, not very smooth. For this reason, it’s easy to spill some hot liquid while transferring the pot from a stove to the cozy.

The velcro side is meant to allow you to placed the pot inside while the handles are sticking out. Makes sense, of course, but again, the lack of smooth action makes it easy to spill.

Now, if the liquid was thicker, like a past sauce, then there wouldn’t be much of a problem, but the more splash prone the liquid, the hard it is to get in without some splashing.

Still, like I said, once you get it inside, the cozy does work and keep liquids warm for a little longer. Not a bad option if you have only one stove, cook in the pot first, move it to the cozy for a little while so you can do some other light cooking in the pan….of course, then you have an open top, so best to cover the pot with something while doing some pan cooking.

All in all, it’s better than nothing, but I think a DIY cozy works almost as well, takes less space, is lighter, and if made right, will allow the HE weekender to slide in a little more smoothly.

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