Quietstove Silent Cap for Primus OmniFuel Review


Stove comparison chart

I have previously purchased the the Omnilite muter damper cap and while these units are heavy for their size, the Omnifuel muter cap is significantly bigger and heavier than the Omnilite muter cap. (I also have the muter cap for the SVEA 123R)

Also, this muter cap has has four legs on it, which does add to overall bulk when packed separate from the Omnifuel. The Omnilite muter can has no legs, so ends up packed much flatter when separated.

Besides it’s weight, what I care about most is how silent it is and how effective the heat output is.

And on both these fronts the muter cap is impressive. it’s very quiet, and while I didn’t do an exact test, the boil times for water seem to be roughly the same. If there is a difference, it is negligible.

It is awfully heavy though. undoubtedly the heaviest of the three I now own, and by a significant margin. It’s heavy enough that I might occasionally decide to leave it behind on depending on my planned trip. Naaaaaaah, the Omnifuel is a roarer and it lives up to the name. Oh well. Still love it though.

Rock on Quietstove, you’ve done it again.

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