Emberlit Titanium Review

Emberlit Titanium  IMG_7628

Base stats:
– BTU:  4-9K depending on wood
– Weight 5.45 oz
Stove comparison chart

The Emberlit Titanium is an über-thin wood stove, and despite it’s thinness, can handle a variety of fuels including charcoal, alcohol stove, fuel tablets, Sterno cans, pine cones, and of course, wood, without warping.

The titanium cools really fast which is also very convenient.

The cross bars are also useful for smaller pots and camping mugs, though I wouldn’t cooking anything on it without an aluminum foil wrap or a pan. It’s not for grilling.

The light weight of this unit is especially useful when trying to keep pack weight down.

If you plan on only using a camping mug or small pot for solo trips, the Emberlit Mini may be a better fit as it uses less fuel, and is smaller when packing it up, reducing chance of bending.

But if you plan to do foil or pan cooking, or plan on using a larger pot for 2-4 people, and bio fuels are a focus, this Emberlit is about as light a setup as you can get. It’s also a light enough to be a good backup if you use a multi-fuel or gas canister stove and run out of fuel.

Of all the medium sized wood stoves, this is the lightest I’ve found.

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