Steven Raichlen Cast Iron Tuscan BBQ Grill Review


This grill isn’t for backpacking or hiking. But it’s great for car camping.


What makes this grill so awesome is that if fits on a 32″ dutch oven table with plenty of room for a dutch oven next to it.

I recently got back from a car camping trip, and it was awesome. it can be used as is, or you can place foil on top for a slower grill, or place a griddle on top for eggs and bacon and pancakes. Or you can wrap ribs in foil, place on this grill, and then wrap heavy duty foil over the entire dutch oven table to create a more oven like ambient heat environment. Great job Steve Raichlen. Awesome grill.

Everywhere I go when grilling, wind is a problem. So, for this unit, if you have the same issues I do, make sure you get a windscreen. The duo green 11″ windscreen is good and portable, but my new favorite is the 12″ wind screen on my dutch oven table.

Assuming you have that piece taken care of, the Steven Raichlen Tuscan grill rocks. Seriously rocks.

It’s awesome that it’s cast iron, and instead of a rounded or flat grill bar design, this uses a triangular tube design, much like a Toblerone chocolate. That makes some beautiful grill marks on pork cutlets and steaks. Wish all grills were designed this way.

The grill size at 14″ x 14″ is fantastic because it’s just portable enough for car camping, and large enough to put a decent amount of meat to feed 4 at a time. Really a perfect size for portability and usability.

The leg height is just right too. Since you never know if you’ll be on a small campfire or a dutch oven table, the short legs means that small wood fires and briquette coals both work well. That is a huge plus.

A lot of reviews mention that the screw treads get damaged really easily, and I’m really happy to have read those reviews. tight screws aren’t important for this grill, so just tighten them enough to keep the legs from wobbling to make sure the treads don’t get damaged and that’s good enough. Hope by being gentler with the treads, I won’t have the same issues others have had. But one reviewer did note that the screws were removable and replaceable, so keep that in mind.

Used this three times already after spending two days “seasoning” the grill. I know there is a right way to season it, and read about how that’s done, but my lazy method worked and I can’t tell the difference from my other pre-seasoned cast iron equipment, plus the food tasted fine with no metallic after-taste, so my method seems good enough. In case anyone is interested, I just sprayed pam on it all over, brushed it in as best I could, put some coals underneath, and after it dried, sprayed again, brushed it down and put it back above the coals. Repeated this twice more and it looked fine to me. every time I use it, I spray it down again, and now it looks like a well seasoned cast iron grill. Don’t shoot me….I’m just too lazy to use the oven.

I’d been looking at the TexSport cast iron grill for a long tim, and what held me back was the thinner wiring of the TexSport grill surface, so finding this Tuscan grill, which seems to be everywhere, really made my day.

If you like charcoal grilling, and want something portable, but still want cast iron, this is a pretty good way to go. Add a good dutch oven table and it’s grill heaven.

Hope this helps and happy grilling!

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