Nite Ize Small Figure 9 Carabiner Review

Nite Ize Small Figure 9 Carabiner

Nite Ize C9S-03-TP01 Small Figure 9 Carabiner with Rope, Black, Two-Pack

These things are pretty amazing.

For tying anything with a pull tension weight of 50lbs or less, these things are pretty unbeatable.

There’s no faster method of cinching things down in the car, or on the car roof, or for hanging things from trees while camping (e.g. food to protect from animals, or solar shower pack, etc.), and of course, quick guy-line ties for the tent.

I’ve read some folks use these to keep their hammocks up. Even using a few of these, that makes me a tad nervous.

Around the campsite, this will shave precious minutes off your setup time. And if you’re setting up camp in a windy or rainy situation, those minutes can be the difference between having a dry tent interior or a wet one. Highly recommended.

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