EMT Gel – 1 ounce Review

EMT Gel - 1 ounce

I purchased this as I was looking at substitutes for more toxic and painful superglue.

They say it’s designed for pets, but this was recommended by a friend who has used it on himself when camping, and if he can use it, well, who am I to argue?

While I plan to leave superglue in my pack, this will be in both my 3 day pack as well as my med fak.

No one can prepare for every eventuality, but in this case, it seemed the cost in weight was well worth the value it adds as well as the weight it adds. My biggest fear when out hiking in the middle of nowhere is infection from cuts and scrapes. No doctors, no clinic, only whatever you have in your first aid kit, and if there’s a way to quickly deal with a problem without major worry of infection, there’s simply no excuse to not be prepared.

One thought on “EMT Gel – 1 ounce Review

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