Elite First Aid First Aid – Medic Bag Review


Great kit, everything listed was included, as far as I can tell.
The bag is pretty high quality too

The one time use pocket cpr should really be replaced with an ADC ADSAFE Pocket Rescusitator + pump, and the burn kit should include burn gel, but at least they’re room in the bag to add these items.


The M39 Medic Bag is designed and used by professionals in military combat units, and offers easy access to the contents. This bag can either be carried by the carrying handles or by the shoulder strap: Bag is available in OD green, measures: 19”x14”x8”, the complete kit weights 10 lbs: Contains over 230 items, including: 1 . EFA – First Aid Book. 50 . Burn Aid Packages. 16. Bandage Strips, 1”x3”. 2. Tape, Rolls, Adhesive. 5. Bandage Strips, 2”x4”. 1. SAM / Universal Splint. 10. Knuckle Bandages. 1. Cervical Collar. 5. Butterfly Strips. 1. Blood Pressure Cuff Kit. 3. Multi Trauma Dessings, 12”x30”. 2. Emergency Blankets, 52”x84” *. 1. Elastic Bandage, 6”. 1. Tourniquet. 2. Triangular Bandages, 40”x40”x56”. 1. EMT Shears. 2. Blood Stopper Kits. 1. Pair of Tweezers. 10 Sterile Sponges, 4”x4”. 1. Stethoscope. 10 Abdominal Pads, 5”x9”. 1. Scalpel handle, #3. 5. Eye Pads. 2. Scalpel Blades. 20 Pain Relievers. 2. Stainless Steel Hemostats. 10 Triple Antibiotic Packages. 1. Pen Light. 45 Antiseptic BZK Wipes. 2. Suture Sets. 6. After Bite Wipes. 5. Tongue Depressors. 1. Calamine Lotion, 6oz. 2. Airways. 1. Eye Wash, 4oz. 1. CPR Mask. 1. Hand Sanitizer, 2oz. 2. Instand Ice Packs. 1. Hand Soap. 6. Safety Pins. 5. Ammonia Inhalants. 8. Pairs Latex Examination Gloves.

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