Alite Designs Mantis Chair Review

Alite Designs Mantis Chair

I’m not able to speak to how long this will last, but in terms of initial comfortt, this is probably the best I’ve seen. It’s very stable, seems reasonably durable, and not excessively difficult to get into and out of. As a backpacking chair, I haven’t tested anything better in terms of weight to price to comfort.

One of the big problems with many backpacking chairs is that you can’t lean back. While my back isn’t that weak, I find stools to cause lower back pain after a while. This seat, with its angled back rest allows me to sit for longer periods without pain. It’s not ideal when sitting at a low table to do some cooking or food prep, but for relaxing by the camp fire, this is a great angle for the back.

Others with this angle tend to be a little taller. It’s a little easier to get into and out of, but not by much, and the tent to have a lot more give, or sway, making them feel less stable and durable.

This is also very light. It fits into a side pocket on my backpack, instead of being so bulky it has to attach to the outside of the pack. As someone who is very against having a lot of external attachments apart from maybe poles and some rope, this is a big boon. And while it’s heavier than some of Alite Designs’ other chairs, it’s still very light and compact.

All in all, I have to say, this is my favorite backpacking chair and plan to have it on every trip until it falls apart.

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