GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight Cookset Review

I’ve had this Cookset for several years and have used it more than a few times during car camp and backpacking trips.

All packed up

All packed up

The whole kit nests within a carry kit / wash basket. The 1.8 liter pot is home two 2 food bowls, 2 insulated “mugs” and 2 folding sporks. The lid is little holes which enables you to drain water if you’re making pasta(hold the lid though, otherwise you end up with dirty pasta.) This was designed for 2 people, hence “Dualist”, but I think it could be used by 4 people provided the other 2 have some kind of spork, fork or chopsticks.

Unpacked Cookset…the other mug and bowl are in my pack still.

The pot is pretty sturdy and has yet to lose it’s non stick goodness after being put over a pocket rocket, a Trangia and right into the middle of a roaring fire.(lid off of course, it’d melt for sure and you’d be sad)

When I pack the whole kit, I keep coffee, tea and spork in one bowl, in the other I’d have my zip locked Trangia plus a zip locked Bic lighter. The past few trips, I’ve not brought this kit along so we could test other cook sets. So I’ve been rockin just a mug, bowl, spork and lid which works out perfect cause it’s light, easy to clean up and it’s all self contained.

At 1lb. 6 oz. ounces and having the capability to be used by 4 people, I think this kit is great in weight, durability and ease of use! All at a price point of around $65 – $70.

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