BushBox Pocket Stove Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  4-9K depending on wood
Stove comparison chart

I’m a pretty big fan of wood stoves. Starting a fire in the woods is always a chore for me since I don’t have the skills to really get a fire going without a little help.

But this little guy makes starting a fire using a magnesium fire starter fairly simple.

Compared to the Emberlit Titanium mini, this wood stove is a little heavier and a little smaller. It has a few features enhancements over the emberlit mini, with features more commonly seen in larger devices.

The first is that there are two base plates. one is the ash pan and one holds the wood. the one for holding the wood has holes in it to draw air from below and also to drop ashes to the ash pan.

This is very helpful as a buildup of ash decreases air flow to embers and fuel, which reduces heat. With this unit, a few taps on the stove shakes ash loose so it drops to the ash pan.

Interestingly, this unit also adds the ability to raise the fuel plate.

You can notice from the image that this device is basically 4 walls, one of which has a larger opening. The fuel plate has two rims, or wings, or flaps, if you will. and these are designed to normally slot into two slits built into two of the walls. but the fuel plate can actually rest on the base of that larger opening as well, bringing the fuel a lot higher and closer to the upper rim. Great innovation.

When the base plate is on the lower position, you can easily fit an alcohol stove in there as well, so this unit, combined with a trangia alcohol stove and a bottle of denatured alcohol, makes for a very versatile cooking setup. Ideal for a weekend jaunt alone when the weather isn’t too cold.

Tougher campers could probably make due with just this in colder weather, but for me, winter camping requires a lot more heat and a lot more cooking efficiency, so I bring a gas canister stove or multi-fuel stove alone with a larger wood stove to help boil water faster, and act as a tiny campfire.

All in all, I would say, from a feature, durability, and flexibility perspective, this is my new favorite miniature wood stove.

Great job Bushbox. Awesome piece of gear.<a

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