GSI Outdoors Macro Table Review

GSI Outdoors Macro Tableimage

The GSI Micro table is a “better than nothing” table

the GSI Macro is more of a car camping table.

I genuinely wish GSI would build a middling table that is right in between.


The design of both are essentially identical, but the GSI macro table is more of a car camping table. If you brought nothing else, it would be fine, but with a full set of gear, this table is noticeably cumbersome.

Contrary to the photo, the GSI macro is actually fairly wide in addition to being long.

The GS micro is both too short and too narrow.

The problem really stems from the cook set I use.

While JetBoils and MSR Reactors are very popular, in colder weather, the stand up system actually loses use of some of the fuel in a canister. As such, I use a gas canister system that has an extended fuel line, which allows me to flip the gas canister over. In practice, this type of system is too big for the micro table, but there’s tons of space on the macro table. What I really want is something large enough to fit this cook system comfortably, with just enough margin so that nothing is hanging off the table, and also have a little room for a pot and a couple of cups. That’s really it.

For that, I don’t need there to be as many slates as the GSI macro has. Take two of the slates off and I’d be happy with it. Conversely, if that makes it too unstable, I’d suggest shortening all the slates by about 3 inches. Either would work well for me and reduce weight considerably.

Also, the extension legs wouldn’t be necessary on a middling table. I understand the desire to have height flexibility. But for me, only two heights are necessary: No leg, and the half extension height. That’s more than adequate for basic cooking, and the extension legs add a wobbly factor anyway.

At the end of the day, I could customize the macro table by removing two of the slates myself, and putting in a new bungee cord, and cutting off the extension legs, all of which would cut weight, but a middling design would be desirable.

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