Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System, Stainless Steel, 20-Ounce Review


This unit is ideal for day hikers or those who head out from a base camp.

The system is designed so you can heat up food, pour it into the thermos, and take the thermos with you during the day, to have hot food ready to eat while out and about.

As a backpacking system, this is a bit too heavy and for saving ounces, not ideal.

The base “pot” comes off and has a well built hinged handle. Good for cooking stews, beans, chilli, etc. The top of the thermos can be used as a serving bowl, but most likely, when there’s two people, you’d pour some of the food into the bowl for the second person, and you would eat out of the thermos.

The integrated spoon is a nice feature as well.

A simple hot water test kept the water hot for a several hours. So long, in fact, that you could really use the thermos for lunch and dinner if you wanted to. I imagine a scenario where you eat out of the top (serving bowl), for lunch, with half the food left in the thermos and capped to keep it hot, and then for dinner, you still have a hot bowl of food. Not a bad setup if you plan on being out all day and don’t get back to base camp in time for dinner.


In typical Stanley fashion, the materials are solid steel, and built to last. If you do decide to go this route, expect to use it for years on end, a lifetime product if ever there was one.

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