TOAKS Titanium 1600ml Pot and Pan Review


This Toaks Titanium 1600ml Pot with Pan is awesome.

I have quite a few titanium pots and pans from different manufacturers, because there’s been so much progress in lighter pots and pans for hikers and backpackers.

But this is one of my favorites. For two reasons:

– First, with the diameter of the pan, you can cook bacon strips cut in half. Woohooooo! Even better, it’s also big enough that you can put in slices of spam in there and the corners stay flat because of the amount of flat space in the pan. Only one other titanium pan I use can cook spam without the corners being turned up because the pan is too small. And that unit can’t do slices of bacon (okay, bacon slices do turn up, even in this pan. But when cut in half, they don’t.)

– Second, and this is the really important one: MY OMNIFUEL FITS IN THERE!!!
Awwwwwwwww yeah. Now, while it’s true that the omnifuel does also fit inside the taller almost cup shaped pots like the snow peak trek combo too, those types have pans that are so small that the corners of spam slices ride up the edge wall of the pan…bleh). The omnifuel doesn’t really fit well in the low and wide titanium pot sets I have. It does if I only bring the larger of the two in a set, but not as perfectly as it does in this unit.

Using the Omnifuel, 36oz of water at 60 degrees F gets to a strong rolling boil in about 5:15 (+/-15 seconds for a total 30 second range for error).

Awesomeness! I really love this pot and pan combination and think Toaks really did a great job here. The bag that it comes in is a thicker mesh bag than the mesh bag for my other pot sets, which I really like. this piece of gear is now my main pot/pan set for 2 people backpacking trips. (A little too much for a one person trip, unless you really like cooking).

One tiny bummer is that it doesn’t have measuring markings on the pot. Very minor gripe tho.

Happy camping!

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