Kuissential SlickDrip Silicone Coffee Dripper Review


Love this thing….love love love this thing.

A 1 piece, flexible, and tough filter that can pack anywhere? Shoooooot. After using it this past weekend on a car camping trip, I’m now of the opinion that this is useful not only on car camping trips but also for picnics, or even business trips if you’re picky about the coffee you drink.

so useful, so compact and simple. So glad I bought it.


Frankly, there isn’t much more I could write in this review than what’s in the title.

It really is an amazing little 1 cup filter.

It is flexible, and folds flat through an accordion-like mechanism.
The entire filter is one piece
as such, the entire filter is flexible. There are no brittle components that might crack or break.
It’s very light.

While it’s designed to hold ground coffee and have hot water poured through it, it also works just fine to filter out the grinds from cowboy coffee.

Better still, with a #2 filter, it clears out turpidity from water.
To purify the water, clear out the turpidity with this little gadget and then I can use a steripen to sterilize any bacteria or viruses in the now clear water.

Love this thing and plan to buy more.

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