UCO Grilliput Portable Camping Grill Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  4-12K depending on charcoal
– Weight:  2lbs (32 oz)
Stove comparison chart

SHORT ANSWER: Great idea, Kinda Meh.


Here’s the short review: If you can deal with the extra lb, this device is a good device to have in a pinch.
It’s highly compact, weighted well indicating a reasonable level of quality, and because something is better than nothing, I highly recommend this for when wood burning campfires are your only option.

But this device is far from perfect. it’s like the highly undersized spare tire in your car. Nono, less than that, it’s the backup tire patch kit you have just in case your spare tire goes bad.

There are significant problems with this grill.

– First off, you can’t build a real good fire under this. It’s just not strong enough to handle that much heat.
– Secondly, even with a smaller campfire, you will see some warping occur fairly quickly, long before even a small pot of water boils.
As such, as soon as you’re done cooking, you have to take the grill off thhe campfire to prevent too much damage.
– Thirdly, campfire based cooking is highly inefficient. Even a little bit of wind wil whip away heat, making light cooking or water boiling a somewhat time consuming affair.

But despite all that, I still highly recommend this unit. It’s the only unit available on the market today that is a container in and of itself. It’s the only camp fire grill that can be carried inside a backpack and get out of the way. And it’s a great idea as a backup as you just never know when you might need to have something to cook on.

I wish it was built better (and wouldn’t mind the weight cost that would entail) and about double the weight to make it more stable and warp free, I would be even happier and it would get moved up from tertiary to secondary, possibly even primary cooking system.

For now, though, the highly eficient hand made double walled alcohol stove will be my primary cooking system.

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