Wenzel Closed Cell Camp Pad Review

Wenzel Closed Cell Camp Pad

While this unit is certainly not the least bulky or lightest item out there, it has one critical advantage over any open cell inflatable, or straight inflatable out there: It can take a beating and it keeps on working. There is simply nothing out there more reliable as a sleeping pad than a closed cell pad. But, there are rather bulky and typically would have to be strapped to a backpack, maybe with a garbage bag around it, to prevent getting wet in the rain.

For what it is, this sleeping pad is bulky.

For car camping, I think this product is decent, though if I have the option of car camping, I think a portable cot + heat reflector (e.g. mylar blanket) is better for comfort and warmth. For backpacking, it’s just way too cumbersome. I may decide to cut it as the biggest pains in sleeping in a tent is uneven ground or roots/rocks the jut up around my back and butt. My head will have the pack as a pillow and my legs aren’t as easily affected, so maybe a shortened pad is all I need. But as is, this pad is not gonna cut it.

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